Obamacare Subsidy Calculator

Senate Passes Insurance Industry Aid Bill
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Many people are under the false impression that when Obamacare is fully implemented in 2014 there will be no more health insurance premiums.  That is an incorrect understanding.  There will still be premiums required.  The new plans will not be totally free.  In 2014 the PPACA has authorized a tax subsidy for some people to use to purchase health insurance that is mandated by the new law. Your income will determine how much, from 0% to 100% of your premiums the government will subsidize for health insurance.

Kaiser Health has prepared a calculator to allow you to predict how much assistance you will receive from the government to help you pay health insurance premiums.  Please keep in mind that there are still 3 years and a presidential election before the full impact of Obamacare arrives.  Between now and then time anything could happen.

The numbers used in the calculator are merely assumptions and could be high or low.  They do not, and cannot consider any economic or political changes that may occur in the next 3 years.

To calculate an assumed subsidy visit the Health Reform Subsidy Calculator.


If you elect to use this calculator keep in mind that it is only an estimate based on figure in 2010.   HHS finally released details about the plans in the federally facilitated exchanges yesterday.  You can see your actual subsidy by visiting www.healthcare.gov or contacting The Insurance Barn.

You can see what your premiums will be but our advice is to stop at that point.  Wait until November to actually enroll in a plan.  That gives CMS an extra month to identify and correct computer problems. 

There is no reason for you to enroll in a plan that does not start until January any earlier.  Save yourself some frustration.  Wait until November to commit to a plan for 2014,


4 thoughts on “Obamacare Subsidy Calculator

  1. There is a key not that everyone is missing when they use this calculator. It says in the notes, “The most that these families buying subsidized coverage in an exchange will pay towards a health insurance premium will range from 2.0% of income at 100% of poverty to 9.5% of income at 400% of poverty.” This makes the premium much lower than the number the calculator spits out.

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