Is Your Skin Cream Worth the Money You Paid?

I have never liked walking through the department store cosmetic departments in the first place.   All the various scents affect my allergies and make me sneeze.  Now, after reading this article I have another reason to avoid them. 

That skin moisturizer that you paid $ 80 for in the department store may or may not live up to the hype.  It may be no better than the $ 5 brand that is available in your drug store.

All creams provide moisturizing benefits to your skin.  They can all be useful, especially now when winter wind and cold can chap and crack exposed skin.  You pay the extra money because you expect that cream to do more than just moisturize.  The FDA does not regulate or routinely investigate the science behind cosmetics.  There are not many medical studies available to compare brands or their efficacy.  All you really have with which to make your decision is anecdotal evidence and the “word” of the cosmetic manufacturer.

Some of the creams available actually do provide additional health benefits while some merely use big words and grandiose claims to separate you from your money.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association recently addressed this issue in an article entitled, “Do Anti-Aging Skin Creams Work?

“It is a good example of how people can use science-y-ness to try and sell a product,” said Dr. Ben Goldacre, who wrote about moisturizers in his book “Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks and Big Pharma Flacks.” “It is used decoratively as marketing in a way that is meaningless.”

When I think of anti-aging cream my imagination sees the stereotype man in the old west, dressed to the nines and standing on a wagon using scientific sounding words and making grandiose claims while he tries to sell snake oil.

I’m not saying there aren’t creams available that will do some good.  I’m just encouraging people to remember the old warning, Let The Buyer Be Ware.


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