Holy Crap, It’s Valentine’s Day

White chocolate is marketed by confectioners a...
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Holy Crap!  It is February 14th and I have not gotten chocolate for my wife.  Even though the doctor has told her that chocolate is not necessary, she still thinks that chocolate is one of the major food groups along with ice cream and chips.

As an insurance agent February 14, 2011 has a meaning all its own.  Today is the last day of 2011 when an individual with a Medicare Advantage plan may switch back to traditional Medicare.  If you have a Medicare Advantage plan and have not taken steps to switch by the close of business today you are committed to stay on that plan through the end of this year. 

Your next window of opportunity to make the switch will not open up again until the last quarter of 2011.  You won’t miss the announcement.  It will be all over the news and people like me will make certain it is all over the blogosphere.

Being a husband, however, February 14 has a different meaning.  My wife will expect something.  I tend to be more analytical and not emotional.  On Valentine’s Day I have to force myself to step out of character and try to do something that is more romantic.  It is hard for a person with a personality like mine but in spite of everything else, I do love my wife of almost 30 years.  I guess I need to leave the office for a little while this afternoon and go get her some chocolate.

I wonder if a Hershey’s bar with almond’s will suffice?


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