Video To Help You Understand The PPACA

Health Reform Hits Main Street
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As an American, I have some strong opinions about the Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act.  However, as an Insurance Counselor I am not supposed to allow my personal feelings about the law influence my advice in any way.

(Since this video was made a new twist has been added.  At this time it is not certain that the comments about the requirement for every American to buy insurance or pay a penalty is constitutional.  It will be argued before the U.S. Supreme Court in March of 2012.)

The PPACA was voted into law by Congress on March 23, 2010.  Until the U.S. Supreme Court nullifies it or a future President allows it to be repealed by a future congress, the PPACA is the law of the land.

Whether or not we citizens agree with the law, if we are to remain law abiding Americans we will have to learn to live with it.


The PPACA is a huge law.  It is close to 1000 pages in length.  Yes, I know that it is written in legalese.  Legal documents formats take up more printed space than straight prose.  Still, even if the legal language was written in commonly used English it would take up several hundreds of pages.

The combination of legalese and the length of the law discourage all but the most intrepid politicos, and insurance agents to read it.

Many of the people who argue so passionately for or against the PPACA have never read the law through for full understanding.  It can be argued that many of the member of the 111th congress who voted for or against the PPACA never read the document.

Members of the House of Representatives had plenty of time to read the PPACA during the 3 months between the time it was passed by the Senate and the time it was voted on in the House of Representatives.

The Senate H.E.L.P. Committee spent a couple of weeks “marking-up” a piece of legislation for the consideration of the full senate.  I spent several days watching those committee meetings on C-Span.

The Senate never was given the chance to discuss or vote on the legislation that emerged from that committee.  Rather than allow the Senate to debate the Health Care Reform legislation that would become law, the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, D-NV, composed a new piece of legislation behind closed doors.


PoliticianI am convinced that Health Care Reform was more about looking out for the good of 536 federal politicians than the good of over 300 million Americans.

The 100 members of the Senate only had a few days in which to read Harry Reid’s legislation before they voted on it.  Since the votes were cast purely on party lines, there was obviously no reason for senators to actually read the legislation.  Their votes were not based on the good of the American people.  They voted the way their political parties said they were supposed to.

The Democratic senators cast their votes to show their support of Harry Reid and President Obama.  The Republican senators cast their votes to symbolize their rejection of Harry Reid and President Obama.


Divided Over Health Care ReformThe end result is that the American people are divided.  Some people swear by the PPACA.  Some people swear at the PPACA.  The rest of America no longer cares.

When Health Care Reform was being debated, I foolishly thought my concerns mattered to my congressional representative and senators.  After the way in which the PPACA was passed into law, I no longer think that the politicians in D.C. place my concerns over their own political agendas.

Now that the PPACA is the law of the land I have moved from the group of people who swear at the PPACA to the larger group of Americans who no longer care.  As the song from the 1950s says, “Queue sera, sera.  Whatever will be, will be.”

The average American no longer has any options.  We have no choice but to make plans based on the current PPACA.  If the U.S. Supreme Court declares it unconstitutional or a future congress and President make changes to the law, we have to remain flexible enough to make the required adjustments.

To continue to campaign against the PPACA is crazy.  It is law now.  You can vote for people who might change it in the future but there is absolutely nothing that you can do at this time other than understand how it will affect you.


StudyThe video, “Health Reform Hits Main Street” is a little simplistic but it is a much more entertaining way to learn about what you can expect from the Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act without reading the entire law.

To view the video, click on the first photo in this blog above.

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