AARP Finally Got One Right

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that I am not a huge fan of AARP.  I respect their stated goals.  I just do not care much for their tactics.

In 2009, AARP spent millions of dollars on TV advertisements in support of President Obama’s Health Care Reform.  While the entire nation, regardless of political affiliation, agreed that something needed to be done, AARP insisted that Reid and Pelosi were the only ones who had the sense required to solve the problem.

Even though they have marketing arrangements with health insurance companies they spent millions on political commercials.  It sounds like a conflict of interest to me but that is what happened.

In any case, I am not a huge fan of AARP.


Unfortunately, many seniors think that AARP is an insurance company.  When I ask them what insurance they currently have they tell me “AARP.”

That is a wrong.  How do you, respectfully, tell an 80 year old widow that her understanding is incorrect?  AARP is both a marketing company and political lobby.  It is not an insurance company.  AARP does not pay claims.

AARP has marketing contracts with many insurance companies.  With Medicare supplements they have a marketing relationship with United Health Care.  If you think your Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage is with AARP, look closer.  You will find the name, “United Healthcare” somewhere on the front page of your policy.

Last year I was a member of AARP.  The PPACA was signed into law in late March.   The first copy of their “magazine” that I got was the June issue.  It was penned about a month after the PPACA became law.

The first copy had a scathing editorial denouncing the federal government for allowing it to get in the financial mess it is in  It called for the politicians to find a way to balance the budget.  I found this rather ironic since AARP played such a huge roll in passing the PPACA and its budget busting requirements.

I could not hear their call.  The sound of their actions drowned out their call for fiscal responsibility.

AARP was right.  The PPACA is going to be expensive.   Even Obama admitted that fact.  They claimed that in spite of the initial costs, things would be better for the nation in time.   AARP has not given the new provisions enough time to work.


One thing that I do like is AARP’s most recent study on the cost of Long Term Care.  You can read the full study here.

The study discusses the economic impact that informal caregivers have on this nation.   Even if they are off by 25 %, $ 450,000,000,000 is a lot of money.

I challenge anyone to read the report in full and still say that caring for the elderly is not that big of a deal.

Recently, I had to re-certify in Texas that I know what I am talking about with Long Term Care insurance.  I was rather taken aback to learn that things are worse than they were only 2 years ago.

Today, approximately ¼ of those on Medicaid use 2/3 of the money in the system.  They use it to pay for Long Term Care benefits.  Many people who take that money have spent their entire life in poverty and have no other choice.

Many others have not lived in poverty.  They have played the system to qualify for  Medicaid.   They have transferred assets that could have been used to pay for Long Term Care needs while they are alive so that when they need care, they will qualify for Medicaid’s funds.

In short, they planned ahead and cheated the system.  With AARP lobbying for more spending on the elderly and the amount of cheating that happens, is it any wonder that the federal government is going broke?


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