The Politicians Are Lying Already

As if there was any doubt that this is an election year, the politicians have already started telling lies.

I do not consider myself either a Republican or Democrat.  I tend to keep to myself.  I am not a member of any political party.  Except when health insurance is being discussed, I tend to ignore the jerks in D.C.  As long as the two houses of Congress are controlled by different parties, I am a “happy-camper.”

What scares me is when both houses of congress are controlled by the same party that controls the White House.  When that happens, laws are made to advance personal agendas rather than for the good of the nation.

LIE OF THE YEAR awards the “Lie of the Year” each year to the biggest falsehood.

For the past two years that dubious award has gone to those on the ultra-right as they have made up lies about “Obamacare.”  Last year’s award went to the ultra-left Democrats who scared millions of people.  They told senior citizens that the budget proposal that was passed in the House of Representatives would eliminate Medicare.

In an election year, politicians have crawled out of the woodwork.  Many of them will say anything if they think it will get them enough votes to stay in power.  Unfortunately, a great deal of the early talk is designed to scare people.

I am not certain that Medicare, as it is today, will be around when I am in my late 60s.   However, I am  fairly certain that, unless the government spends itself into bankruptcy, there will be a program to help my wife and I with Major Medical costs.  I just do not know what it will look like at that time.

I want to warn people not to believe everything they hear about Medicare or health insurance during 2012.  There is a huge difference between facts and rumors.  Unfortunately, many politicians feel that they are the same thing.


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