Cancer Is A Seriously Misunderstood Disease

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Hagrid gets a dragon’s egg. His reason for keeping it is, “Dragons are seriously misunderstood creatures.”

The same kids who read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone are now young adults on Twitter. Recently, I was playing around on Twitter. Rather than venting my own frustrations, I wanted to see what others were saying. I noticed that there is still a great deal of ignorance about the most common cause of death in America.

In one 15 minute session on Twitter I saw 3 different people ask the same question.


It’s not called, “Butt Cancer.”  It’s called, “Rectal Cancer.”  It is not as well-known as breast or lung cancer.  It does not have a huge political lobby or charity to make noise about it.  However, it can be just as deadly as any other form of cancer if it is ignored.

 The National Cancer Institute has some detailed illustrations of the various stages of rectal cancer.  Check out their link to learn more.

According to EMedicineHealth, Rectal Cancer can be silent or it can have louder symptoms, such as;

  • Bleeding from your anus
  • Obstructions in your bowel causing constipation, pain or pencil-thin stool
  • Unexplained weight loss


If you experience any of the symptoms above, please see your doctor as soon as possible.  All of the symptoms mentioned above can be caused by issues other than cancer.  However, in the rare case that it is symptomatic of rectal cancer, you have a better chance of survival by starting treatment sooner rather than later.

The treatment your doctor will suggest depends upon how far the cancer has progressed.  At the minimum, your doctor will “resect” (cut out the cancer tumor) and prescribe radiation treatment for you.  Depending on the stage your cancer is, you may also require chemotherapy.  There are also some clinical trials for anticancer drugs that may be suggested to you.


Insurance is not health care.   Your doctor will give you medical advice and treatment.  The final decision is yours to make.  All that insurance will do is provide the money that you need.

There are 3 types of insurance that you will need if you are diagnosed with cancer.  There is a chance that you have them available through work.  If you do not, call your local insurance agent to help you.

  1. Major Medical insurance pays the majority of the doctor’s and hospital’s bills.  The problem is that most Major Medical policies have deductibles and co-insurance.  Make certain that in the event of a worst case scenario, you have the money required to pay those bills.
  2. Disability Income insurance pays the regular bills that allow you to remain in your home while you recover.  Social Security Disability Income insurance will not begin for at least 6 months after you start missing work.  A private accident and sickness disability policy with a 6 month benefit is typically very inexpensive and should be in your health insurance portfolio if you do not have Disability Income insurance at work.
  3. Critical Illness insurance will create an instant “Rainy Day” fund if you are diagnosed with cancer.  Critical Illness insurance will pay for new, additional bills that are unique to cancer.  You can use the money to pay for a Home Health Aide, experimental treatment, cancer drugs, Major Medical deductibles and co-insurance, etc.