Can You Add Your Wife And Child To Your Medicare Advantage?

Last week I was reminded that questions that are “no-brainers” to me can be confusing to other people.  I was asked if an individual could cover their child on  their Medicare Advantage plan.

I actually understand how this can be confusing.  Grandparents who have to raise their grandchildren are looking for ways to get health insurance for their grandchildren.

The Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act allows adult children to stay on their parent’s private health insurance policy until they are 26.  Unfortunately, that is not the case with Medicare.

Medicare requires each person to be enrolled in Medicare individually.   You must either be eligible for Social Security Disability insurance for 24 months, have “End Stage Renal Disease” or over the age of 65.  You also are required to be a U.S. Citizen or in the nation legally to qualify.

Each person has an individual account created with Medicare when they enroll in the program.  Family relationships are not considered.  You are not able to enroll you spouse or children on your plan.  They must qualify for Medicare on their own.

Once they are eligible for Medicare and enroll in the program, they will get their own Medicare ID card.  At that time they can get their own Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement or Medicare D (Prescription Drug Plan.)