What Type Of Life Insurance Is Best?

As an independent insurance agent, I have the freedom to compare policies of all types from several different insurance companies.  Although I have direct contracts with several health insurance companies whose web portals I am able to link to on my blog, life insurance is a bit more tricky.

While there are only a handful of health insurance companies that I feel comfortable directing my clients to, there are scores of good, solid life insurance companies.

If all you are wanting from your life insurance policy is to replace your income to your family and pay off some bills if you die before the kids are gone, all you need is a simple term life insurance policy.  You can find out how much they cost by clicking on the banner below.

If you find something in which you are interested, please let me know.  If I can help you get it, I will.

However, life insurance is not used exclusively to provide a death benefit.  Life insurance companies have started adding a rider to help people pay for Long Term Care expenses as well.

I still think that traditional Long Term Care insurance is best for people who want to guarantee that they are able to leave the family home to their children.

However, if leaving an estate is not a top priority, a combination Life & Long Term Care insurance policy may meet your needs at a lower cost.  The only way to know is to “run the numbers.”

If you think that you may be more interested in a combination plan than a traditional Long Term Care insurance policy, complete the form below and I will  do the comparison for you and send you my results.