Why What I Learned As A Kid Is Obsolete.

Child 1Those who taught me when I was a child were wrong.  Apparently, the ends does justify the means.

As a health insurance agent, I have followed the activities of politicians in D.C. very closely during the last 4 years.

The supporters of president Obama have been loud and obnoxious.  However, before Republicans claim the moral high-ground, the opponents of president Obama have been just as loud and obnoxious.

Both sides have screamed and shouted about needed reforms to our nation’s health care system.  At a time when more Americans are out of work, energy prices are excessively high and our nation is at war, our politicians have been arguing about health insurance for over 4 years (with no end to the argument in sight.)

The paradigm, at least for our national role models, has shifted.  I was raised to focus on important problems first and then solve relatively minor ones  That is apparently wrong.In the last two elections Americans have elected and re-elected politicians, prefer to continue arguing about health insurance than solve the major problems that face our nation.

As the old proverb says, “Your actions speak so loud that I cannot hear what you are saying.”

In this post I want to share what I have learned from the actions of our nation role models.  Apparently, what my parents and the “village” that raised me were incorrect on the appropriate ways to deal with problems.


I do not make it a practise to watch the news but unless I want to hide under a rock, I am forced to listen to people protest either against the insurance companies or the Obama administration.

I was raised to believe that screaming, shouting and name calling were not the ways to solve problems.  While they may be cathartic, they are perceived to be childish and immature.

Apparently, I was taught incorrectly for our society.  Every 2 years people continue to elect Representatives and Senators in spite of their childish, attention seeking behavior.


For years I have heard how all the problems in our nation were caused by George Bush.  Since I do not know all the details, I am not in a position to comment on the actions and motivations of the president.

When I hear someone blame or praise George Bush, or any other man, I wonder if they have taken the time to discover all the facts before they speak.

I was taught that nothing gets changed by blaming others.  The key to change is to find and implement a solution.

For over 4 years I have heard that the problems with the American economy were caused by George Bush.  However, after 4 years the economy still appears to be failing.

In 2011 our president agreed to sweeping cuts in governmental programs in order to raise the national debt limit.  Now that the cuts are happening, he has forgotten that his call for more money is what triggered Sequestration in the first place.  Rather than accept his role in causing the problem, he is blaming congress for not bailing him out.  (At least he is not blaming George Bush!)


The current administration, after fighting so hard for the PPACA, has either ignored or been late implementing almost 25% of the PPACA.

In June 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare’s Individual Mandate was only Constitutional if the “Penalty” was considered a tax.  For several days, our national role model, President Obama, rejoiced that the Individual Mandate survived but denied that the “Penalty” was a tax.

Whether it is correct or not, the perception I have is that the current administration is willing to ignore congress and the Supreme Court.  While it may not be their official position, what I see is that the current administration sees the other branches of government as merely advisors whose will only needs to be taken into consideration rather than authorities to be listened to.

As a kid, I was taught to respect those who are in a position of authority and do what you are told to do.


With the examples of selfishness and stubbornness our political leaders have shown in the last few years, it will not surprise me to see the grand-children of Baby Boomers navigate through their lives with a completely different moral compass than the one we had.

How can they be anything less than selfish and stubborn?  By continuing to elect the politicians we do, we are acting louder than our words.  We are teaching that in order to be successful in life they must be selfish and stubborn.

All the screaming, shouting, blaming and ignoring has been successful.  I find it ironic that the party that screams and shouts about being Pro-Choice have left Americans without a choice.

In October, whether or not we want to participate, the Essential Benefit Plan open enrollment will start.  During that time every law-abiding American, who is not exempt, must elect one of the new Essential Benefit Plans and start paying premiums in January of 2014.

Since the Individual Mandate and Essential Benefit Plans are imminent, whether or not we want it, The Insurance Barn is trying to keep our clients informed on what is happening, what they need to do and when they need to do it.  You can subscribe to the same weekly email by clicking on the banner below.

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