Is Obamacare Truly Constitutional Or Were Short-cuts Made?

H. Res. 153

Here is something that you probably will not see on the TV.  Although there is no chance that Obamacare will be changed or the money that the U.S. government has already spent will be reimbursed, members of the House of Representatives are pointing out how Obamacare was passed in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

I know that millions of people just do not care that things are done according to the rules.  In their minds, this is just political grand-standing and sour-grapes.

However, others do care about the rules as outlined in the Constitution for American government.  The U.S. Constitution is more than just the Bill of Rights.  It outlines how the U.S. federal government is supposed to be conducted.  Any changes to those rules are supposed to be ratified by 2/3 of the states through the amendment process.

Members of the House of Representatives are voicing their “protest” over Obamacare.  They are pointing out that, in their opinion, President Obama and the 111th congress cheated with the PPACA.  Laws that dictate how the treasury of the United States is handled are supposed to originate in the People’s House and not the Senate.  The PPACA was drafted by Senator Harry Reid and first passed by the U.S. Senate before it was given to the House of Representatives.

Click the graphic to read the 3 page text of the resolution.


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