Strike Out Cancer

Constellation FieldOn Saturday, my wife and I went to see the local minor league baseball team.  The Sugar Land Skeeters were playing the Lancaster Barnstormers at Constellation Field.  We went for three reasons.

  1. Although we live close to Minute Maid stadium, the home of the Houston Astros, we prefer the intimacy of a minor league baseball park.
  2. We needed a night out for just the two of us.
  3. M.D. Anderson hospital, a specialty hospital for cancer research,  was sponsoring “Strike Out Cancer” night.  It was a night devoted to honor cancer victims and raise funds for them.


As I watched the story of one family, I was reminded of why what I do is so very important.  The story was from a father.  He was talking about all of  the additional expenses the family had incurred because his son had contracted cancer.  He was appealing to people to donate to a charity that provides housing for families who need to bring their children to M.D. Anderson in Sugar Land, TX for cancer treatment.

Major Medical insurance will pay most of the medical bills for the patient but not the additional expenses that are required for the family to accompany the patient when they require treatment in a specialty hospital.


As I sat there watching this father’s story on the giant scoreboard at the baseball park, I was reminded that Critical Illness insurance pays several thousands of dollars to the insured once they are diagnosed with cancer.  That money can be used to pay the extra bills that occur when a family member is required to accompany a patient to a specialty hospital.

If the father had Critical Illness insurance to supplement his Major Medical insurance, he would not be forced to rely on a charity to take care of him and his wife while the son is getting treatment for cancer.

Since none of the Essential Benefit Plans that will be available with Obamacare will pay for anything other than a patients medical bills, I recommend that everyone of my clients supplement their Major Medical insurance with a Critical Illness insurance policy for at least enough money to pay their deductible and co-insurance.  If there is a family history of cancer, heart attack, stroke or a client is concerned about suffering from either of these conditions, I recommend that they also consider getting a minimal Critical Illness policy.


My brother-in-law was recently treated for leukemia.  He lives in Indianapolis and went to a general hospital in the city in which he lives.  Although the treatment happened in Indianapolis, the medicine he needed came from M.D. Anderson hospital here in Sugar Land, TX.

Fortunately, his leukemia responded well to the medicine.  He had no side-effects other than fatigue and a lowering of his white blood cell count.  Had he had problems, he would have to choose between a trip to M.D. Anderson hospital here in Sugar Land or death from cancer.

If he had required coming to Sugar Land, my sister would have to come with him.  Fortunately, my wife and I live less than 20 minutes from the campus of M.D. Anderson.  (There is an emergency veterinarian hospital very close to M.D. Anderson.  Our dogs tend to wait until Sunday, when their regular doctor’s office is closed, to get sick.  I have had to take dogs their twice in the past 5 years.)  My sister would have been able to stay with us and not have to spend money on a hotel and restaurants.

However, not everyone has a relative they can stay with if they have a loved one who requires a specialty hospital.  They either have to spend money on hotels and restaurants if they wish to accompany their spouse to a specialty hospital in a different city, find a charity that can help them or stay home.

Since Critical Illness insurance pays the insured directly, the money can be used for anything.  That includes room and board expenses for a healthy spouse to accompany the insured to a specialty hospital.

Several insurance companies offer Critical Illness insurance.  For your convenience, if you live in Texas or Indiana you can obtain Critical Illness insurance by clicking on the banner below.  If you live in another state, I encourage you to speak with your insurance professional.



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