Understand The Difference Between Public And Private Exchanges

Click To View The Difference Between A Public And Private Exchange.
Click To View The Difference Between A Public And Private Exchange.

Yesterday, I heard from a different insurance company, CIGNA, that in the last few days the Obama Whitehouse has changed the term that will be used for the Federally Facilitated Exchanges.  If that is true, then this video is partially obsolete.  You will need to remember that when it refers to public exchanges it is talking about what you will hear called a “marketplace” this summer.

The Obama White House is planning to spend $54,000,000 to educate Americans on what the Federally Facilitated Marketplaces are, what you need to do during the National Open Enrollment and how you can locate your state’s “Marketplace.”

I cannot speak for insurance agents in other states.  However, it is my intention to add a link to the Texas marketplace to help my fellow Texans enroll in health insurance if they qualify for a federal tax-credit or subsidy.

Texans who do not qualify for a subsidy or want a non-qualifying plan will still be able to purchase their health insurance directly from the insurance companies through the links on the side-bar of this blog.

Those Texans who want to speak with an insurance agent before they purchase a health insurance plan can drop me a note or ask me to call them in the form that is also in the side-bar to the left.

I know that a name change is meaningless, but I cannot help but wonder why, after more than 3 years of using the term, “exchange,” as written by congress in the PPACA, the term must be changed with less than 4 months to go until the National Open Enrollment.

To me, the term “Marketplace” conjures up memories of what I have learned about Operation Market Garden in WWII.  It also looked good in theory but resulted in one of the biggest boondoggles in military history.



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