Obamacare Snubs Congress, Again

MarketplaceLast week I read another example of Mr. Obama’s total disregard for the elected officials in congress.

I still find his disregard of Title VIII of the Affordable Care Act reprehensible.

His failure to offer S.H.O.P. exchanges as instructed by congress in the Affordable Care Act have not won him many supporters.

(Since I wrote this post Mr. Obama has announced that a Limited form of S.H.O.P. will be available for 2014)

His actions from last May are small, in comparison.  They are just another example, to me, of our current president’s willingness to ignore congress so that he can get his way.

In the legislation known as, “The Affordable Care Act” the term “Exchange” is used 332 times when referring to the new systems that Americans will use to buy health insurance.

In May the Obama White House, without the approval of congress, changed the name of the systems from “Exchange” to “Marketplace.”

(Neither “market place” nor “marketplace” are ever used in the Affordable Care Act.)

On one hand, the change in nomenclature is meaningless.  Whether they are called “Exchanges” or “Marketplaces” means very little to me.  I am okay as long as Americans know where to go to get the health insurance they are required to have to fulfill Obama’s Individual Mandate.

On the other hand, this change in nomenclature disturbs me for two reasons.

  1. After 3 years of preparing for “Exchanges” I am afraid that the name change will just add another layer of confusion.  According to a Kaiser Health News survey, even after 3 years, 40% of Americans are still confused about Obamacare.  America does not need a major change with less than 4 months to go before the National Open Enrollment.  They have had over 3 years to get congressional approval to change the name of the system that congress authorized.
  2. The name change is just another of the current president’s snubs of congress.  If congress wanted them to be called “market places” I am certain that our elected representatives would have used that term.  After all, they fought about everything else before they forced a bill through the process that at least half of the population did not think was sufficient to solve the nation’s problems with health care.

This October, when you are looking for a health insurance exchange, be careful.

They are still called “exchange” in states that set up their own.  However, they do not go by that name in Federally Facilitated Programs.

I will have a link to the Federally Facilitated Market Place for Texans on this web-site on October 1.  Unfortunately, if you live in a state other than Texas, you will need to either use www.hhs.gov or search for the system that is used in your state.

If you have to do a search, you will need to enter in either “market place” or “exchange” plus the name of your state in your favorite search engine.

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