Behind The Obamacare Numbers

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Here is a sample of the different “studies” that are being used by the politicians in D.C. to justify, or condemn, how beneficial Obamacare is.  Even a quick scan, from someone with average intelligence, shows that politicians can use a study to prove any fact they want.

Whether I agree with Obamacare or not is immaterial.  The fact is that the only way to know if it is the right thing for the nation is to use trial and error.  All the speculation and justifications to date are worthless.

Assuming that no further changes are made to Obamacare in D.C. America will know for certain if Obamacare has been worth its intrusions on civil liberties.  By the time the next presidential election happens, we will not have to make our decisions based on speculation and empty promises.  We will be able to answer, “Are you better off now than you were in 2008?”