Why It Is Not Wrong To Suggest Delaying Obamacare

Where Should American’s Buy Health Insurance In 2013 CI have a personal rule not to comment on other blogs.  It is not because I do not think that others can have good thoughts.  Quite the contrary, I am smart enough to know that I am not the smartest person in the nation.

My self-imposed restrictions are because I do not wish to open myself up to criticism by the self-righteous internet trolls who value political extremism over facts.

I made the mistake of breaking my rule last week.  I pointed out, on a nationally respected blog, that a Florida non-profit hospital was waiting to violate the restrictions on Navigator when they said, “We’re going to be getting the calls asking ‘Where should I go, and which plan should I buy?’ The challenge is doing it without getting paid. We’re not going to be able to do it on an all-volunteer basis,…They’re already calling us.”

According to the PPACA and final rules from the Department of Health and Human Services, the Navigators are supposed to be limited to answering questions about the facts of the plans within an exchange and help with the application process.  They are forbidden to give insurance advice.

The Navigator can legally answer, “Where should I go?”  However, they cannot legally answer, “Which plan should I buy?”  That decision is supposed to be left up to the individual.  Neither insurance brokers nor Navigators should tell anyone what to do.

An individual took exception to what I had to say and implied that I am worthless since I have a page on my blog entitled, “How to delay Obamacare.”

What really bothers me is that this internet troll did not even bother to look at that page.  He just reacted to the title and assumed that I was like all the other political extremists on the right.  He thought that I was advocating boycotting Obamacare and paying the “Shared Responsibility Payment” formerly known as the “penalty.”

I cannot lie.  I am opposed to the Individual Mandate that is in Obamacare.  I feel like the federal government should not mandate how I spend my personal earnings.

Never-the-less, I understand that Obamacare is the law of the land.  Law abiding Americans cannot legally boycott Obamacare.

Perhaps the title, “How to delay Obamacare” is a bit provocative.  Unfortunately, it is the only way I know to communicate what the strategy is.

While I oppose the Individual Mandate in Obamacare for political reasons, I also oppose healthy individuals doing without health insurance and paying the “penalty.”  I do not see the logic behind either extreme.

The strategy that is explained on the page, “How to delay Obamacare” uses a legal provision to allow Americans to postpone buying one of Obama’s Essential Benefit Plans until their existing health insurance renews in 2014.

Those who need federal tax-credits to help pay their health insurance premiums should use the new health insurance exchanges.

However, those who want to post-pone the necessity to pay for maternity or substance abuse, or do not want to use federal tax-credits, have an option to delay getting one of Obama’s Essential Benefit Plans.

To make this option work, they will need to have a Qualifying Health Plan with an effective date prior to December 31, 2013.

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