Why You May, Or May Not, Be Able To Delay Enrollment In Obamacare

DebtThe largest private provider of health insurance in the United States is United Health Care.  Below is what they understand the HHS Final Rule dated February 22, 2013 says.

“The final rule maintains the requirement that there would be “limited” open enrollment periods in the individual market consistent with Exchange rules (aligning initial and annual open enrollment periods outside the Exchanges with those inside the Exchanges). In addition, an individual enrolled in a non-calendar year plan will be entitled to a limited open enrollment period beginning 30 calendar days prior to the individual’s policy renewal date outside the open enrollment period for 2014. States may permit more flexible open enrollment provisions.”

It is this rule that allows the individual states to decide if you are able to use the strategy that I call “Delaying Obamacare.”

That strategy may not be available in your state.  The PPACA may be a federal law but HHS has allowed states to have some flexibility.

If you live in Texas, or one of the states who permit it, you are able to count your current health insurance as qualifying health insurance, in many cases.  If you do, you are able to postpone buying one of Obamacare’s Essential Benefit Plans until your current plan renews in 2014.

This would allow you to give CMS time to identify and correct computer “glitches” if you elect to claim a government benefit through the new health insurance exchanges.

Just keep in mind that some plans, like Short Term plans, do not qualify for the exception.  If you have a plan with Limited Benefits, Excessively High Deductibles or a Termination Date, you should look into either switching your coverage before December 15 or enrolling in one of Obamacare’s Essential Benefit Plans for 2014.

Also, you should consider enrolling in one of the Essential Benefit Plans during the last quarter of 2013 if you are not paying for health insurance.

Contrary to what the politicians are telling you, you will have options for buying government approved health insurance.

  1. Your first option will be to buy your health insurance through the government sponsored health insurance exchanges.  They will be your only option if you want to claim a government benefit or enroll in a government program, like Medicaid.
  2. If, however, you do not qualify for government benefits, there will be another marketplace available.  You will be able to buy Essential Benefit Plans directly from the insurance companies.

The bottom line is that while you no longer have the freedom to only buy the health insurance you want, you can delay the inevitable if you live in a state that allows you to.

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