Why Can’t People Argue About Obamacare Facts Rather Than Speculations?

Supplemental InsuranceObamacare is nothing if it isn’t divisive.  I have not seen any law, in my lifetime, that has been accompanied with so many lies and speculations since the E.R.A. was debated in the 1970s.

Fortunately, the majority of rhetoric is not as passionate as it was in 2009-2010.  To be frank, I am surprised there was not more violence than there was.

Now that the major part of the PPACA is about to change from theory to practice, the rhetoric, that has been dormant for the last year, about the Individual Mandate and Health Insurance Exchanges, is starting to pick back up.  Fortunately, now that Obamacare is inevitable, the arguments are much less passionate and protests are less violent.

However, the political spin doctors are obviously hard at work.  In my studies today I came across several articles about Obamacare that bothered me.


One article predicts an average of $2672 in tax-credits for people in 2014.   I wondered how the author of Health Exchange Shoppers Can Expect $2700 In Obama Tax Credits is able to be so specific when the final rates are not due from private health insurance companies until late September.


Another article, Retirees In Enemy Territory Go Door-To-Door On “Obamacare.”  What bothers me is that every year when I certify to sell Medicare products, I am reminded that it is a violation of Medicare regulations for licensed insurance agents to knock on the door of a Medicare enrollee or “cold call” them in any manner other than the U.S. Postal Service.

According to CMS regulations, if someone, who is enrolled in Medicare, wishes to talk about their health insurance options, they must initiate the conversation.  I, a licensed insurance agent with over 25 years experience, am not even supposed to ask my clients for referrals.

I do not understand why unlicensed and unsupervised “Navigators” are allowed to approach  Medicare enrollees through door-to-door prospecting techniques but I am not.  The same division of the federal government, CMS, that prevents me from door-to-door prospecting in order to protect American seniors from shysters and con-men, is encouraging the same activities from people with only 30 hours of training.


A third article that caused the hair on my neck to stand on end was, Obama Health Chief Hits Republican For Warnings On Premiums.  The article describes the comments from President Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services directed at Republican governors who are predicting “Rate Shock.”

What I find humorous is that the Secretary of HHS could stop all of the “factually incorrect” information if she would just publish the actual rates that private insurance companies will charge for the new Metal Plans.

Unfortunately, those final rates are not due to HHS until late September.  Until then, you cannot trust anyone, whether they be Republican or Democrat, when they tell you how much health insurance will cost.

16 states plus the District of Columbia have elected to build their own health insurance exchanges.  If you live in one of those areas, you can trust many of the facts that you are given.  However, if you live in one of the 34 states that will have Federally Facilitated Exchanges, you will not be able to compute your actual costs for health insurance until sometime after October 1.

Until then, anything you hear about how much health insurance is going to cost under Obamacare in the Federally Facilitated Exchanges is nothing more than political spin.

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