Obamacare Promises: Fact Or Politics? (S.H.O.P.)


This graphic is making the rounds on Facebook.  I know that it is meant to be a political protest.

However, when you remove the political hatred from it, you are left with the fact that if you have group health insurance you do not control your own health insurance.  Your employer controls it.

The PPACA was supposed to have created S.H.O.P. exchanges that would give you more control over your health insurance.  The problem is that last July things were changed by the White House.

Very early in the month President Obama announced that all S.H.O.P. exchanges would be delayed by a year.  However, after taking political heat from the leaders of his own political party, he partially reversed his decision.

He announced that in 2014 there would be a modified version of the S.H.O.P. exchanges.

Small business owners would still be able to choose which plan to offer for their employees but they could only choose one option.  Employees of the business would have to settle for whatever plan the business owner elects.

At least that is how the S.H.O.P. exchanges will work in 2014.

American workers were promised in the PPACA that in 2014 they would be able to choose from 4 different health insurance plans or have freedom of choice among several different insurance companies.

Unfortunately, that promise will not come true.  According to the president 3 1/2 years are not enough time for the Department of Health and Human Services to build both the Individual and S.H.O.P. exchanges that were required by the law that “had to be passed so we could find out what was in it.”  (Nancy Pelossi)

It amazes me that in the same amount of time that the Department of Health and Human Services has had to build their computer systems, the American government was able to develop nuclear energy from theory to an atomic bomb in World War II.

The final result is that if you get your health insurance at work, you will not see much difference when Obamacare starts in 2014.  Your plan benefits may, or may not, change slightly.  Unless your employer has elected to pay all of your premium for you, you will pay more for health insurance than you did the prior year.

If you were looking forward to having more input in your health insurance because of Obamacare, you will have to wait at least one more year.  Until then your boss controls what type of health insurance you have.

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