Obamacare Ignores Middle America

ForgetI read another article about the plight of the uninsured today.  Yes, it is sad that people need to “suffer in silence” because they cannot afford to pay for health insurance. Blah, blah, blah.

Unfortunately, I have heard so much about the uninsured since 2008 that my sympathy reservoir is filled up.  When is someone going to show some pity to the entrepreneurs in America who have sacrificed other things in life so that they could pay health insurance premiums?

From what I have seen and heard, these people make too much to qualify for any government help with their health insurance.  They are going to be forced to either pay even more for their health insurance or lose some of the benefits they have.


Entrepreneurs tend to be self-employed.  Many of them get health insurance as a dependent on their spouse’s group health insurance plan.  The problem is that the way the Obamacare rules were written, if they have the right to buy health insurance as a dependent on someone else’s group plan, they do not qualify for any government “subsidy” to help with their health insurance premium.

Yet, they are required, along with the rest of America, to buy health insurance by January 1, 2014.

I will not be as bad for entrepreneurs who have spouse’s employed by companies that pay the health insurance premiums for their employees families.  However, not all companies do.

Companies with more than 50 employees are required to offer group health insurance and pay 50% of the premiums for full-time employees.  They are not required to help with the premiums for part-time employees or their employees dependents.

Small businesses, which includes those who are self-employed, are not required to offer group health insurance to their employees at all.

Yet, the president and his cronies have forced a law on Americans that requires all law-abiding Americans to pay for health insurance.


It is bad enough that there is no “safety-net” for business owners.  If a business fails, the employees can make a claim for unemployment insurance.  The business owner, who employed others and helped the local economy, is not eligible for any federal help.

While President Obama was politicking to increase the amount of tax-payers money to help subsidize the poor people who were out of a job in 2009, he did nothing to help the failed small business owners.

During the health care debates of 2009-2010, I heard many arguments about how health insurance premiums would be affordable to the top 2% of Americans.  I also see where federal money will be used to make health insurance “affordable” or free for those Americans who earn the least.

What I did not hear, or see, was any politicians, Republican or Democrat, do or say anything, other than a photo-op for the press, to help middle-class Americans.

I am sick of hearing about the number of uninsured in America when I have to work with middle-class Americans every day who have to choose between paying more for their current levels of health insurance, accepting a government policy with fewer benefits or doing without health insurance, (and risking serious medical bills) until this current presidential administration leaves in 2017 and a new administration reforms health insurance in such a way as to make it fair for all Americans (and not just for his special interest groups.)

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