My Apologies

Obamacare Call

I apologize to you if you regularly check-in on this blog for information about health insurance.  I try to write something new, and applicable, each day.

However, I am trying to gear up for both the National Open Enrollment for Obamacare and the Annual Election Period for people with Medicare.  Both periods start next month and require certification with CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.)

I completed everything that was required for the Obamacare certification last month.  This week I am working on the annual certification for Medicare D and Advantage plans.

(Yesterday I studied about Medicare D & Advantage plans for 2014.  I also completed a review of Medicare basics.  Today I get to study about Waste, Fraud and Abuse of the Medicare system.)

I also need to keep my emails up-to-date.  I want my clients to get all of the benefits they are eligible for and that requires study.  For the next couple of weeks, this agency blog is a luxury.