I’m Back

Has Obamacare Been Successful

My wife and I just got back from a week-long cruise to visit ports in the Western Caribbean.  Unfortunately, unlike a certain family in D.C. my wife and I have not been able to have someone else pay for us to vacation each year in Hawaii.

As a health insurance agent, I have felt like I have been under attack by the President of the United States since all this “mess” called Obamacare started in early 2009.

It wasn’t until April of this year before the White House finally recognized that professional insurance agents actually do know something about insurance and are an important part of the process of insuring all of America.  (I still do not know what my compensation will be in 2014.   I hope it will be enough to justify the angry calls I expect as middle-class Americans find out how much health insurance is going to cost them.)

Heaven knows that I needed to clear my head before Obamacare’s National Open Enrollment.  I was afraid that if I didn’t, I would snap in front of an innocent client.

I was not afraid that I would physically hurt anyone, but I was afraid that my political anger over Obamacare would overcome my attempts to remain as neutral on health insurance as possible.

I know that some people will claim that I am already too biased.  I can see their point-of-view.   In my opinion, many middle-class Americans are about to be “screwed” so that politicians can buy votes.

The statement above is the “HOT” news that welcomed me home yesterday.  It has been over 3 years since Obamacare became law.  Over that time, there has been little headway made to provide health insurance to the uninsured.

I am curious to see how the numbers look at this time next year.  I am afraid that the buzz-word will change from “uninsured” to “underinsured.”

I hope that I am wrong, and will be surprised next week.   However, from what I have heard, middle-class Americans will have no choice but to buy a health insurance plan with fewer benefits than they have now so that those who have no health insurance at all will be able to get, what the White House says is, affordable health insurance