When Can You Enroll In Obamacare?

X-RayEarlier this week I read, “Health Site Woes Undermine Obama’s Vow On Government.”

In my opinion, this article is fine, as far as it goes.  Unfortunately, like many reports in the “legitimate press” the entire truth does not always get mentioned.

This reporter does not mention that the SHOP exchange is not even close to what America was promised in the PPACA.   HealthCare.gov is not the only exchange that the Secretary of HHS was supposed to have ready by October 1.


The SHOP exchanges were supposed to be a place where Americans could take the money that their employer pays toward their health insurance and choose from several different options.

In the first week of July, President Obama announced that SHOP exchanges would be delayed by a year.  After members of congress, including some from his own party, reminded him that as president, he did not have the authority to not do what congress tells him, he reversed his decision to a degree.

The SHOP exchanges do exist for 2014 in a modified version.  They do not include all the options that American workers were promised.  In fact, they are not better than the health insurance system that already exists for small businesses who want to offer health insurance to employees.

The best that can be said about the federally facilitated SHOP exchanges is that they are not as screwed up as the federally facilitated “Marketplaces.”


It also bothers me that for the past 3+ years we have heard how the “central portion” of Obamacare has not even happened.  When it does arrive, and it is screwed up, I am now hearing more excuses from the White House.  Most recently, “It is only a small portion of the Affordable Care Act.”

Last week Kathleen Sebelius told reporters in Austin that the reason healthcare.gov is so bad is because they did not have enough time.  “If we only had 6 more months.”

I cannot believe that the person who is placed highest in our national health-care system would even say that for two reasons.

1)  She has known since March 23, 2010 that it was her responsibility to have a working exchange in every state that did not build their own.  It is not as if the “Marketplaces” were a surprise to her.


Many people find it enjoyable to get upset and find fault with the “idiots in D.C.”  I must admit that it does not take too much prodding and poking to get me involved in a discussion about the stupidity of politicians, both Republican and Democrat, in our nation’s capital.

However, I understand that debates and arguments about Obamacare are meaningless.  They are only good to raise my blood-pressure.  After 5 years of hearing the same argument for and against Obamacare, I understand two things.

First, I am not going to change anyone’s mind with anything I say.

Second, I have formed my opinion.  I am not likely to change my mind because of anything someone else says.

In my opinion, something had to be done about the health care system in the U.S. but Obamacare was not it.

Now that the two biggest, and most controversial, elements of Obamacare are finally here, the Individual Mandate and the Exchanges, it is apparent that there is a huge difference between the PPACA promises that were given to America and the government’s ability to perform.

As of last Friday, refused to apologize to the nation or admit their failure.  Rather, they made even more excuses, blamed someone else, and hire yet another contractor to fix the problems that they created.

Earlier, I had advised people to wait to use www.healthcare.gov until the first of November.  However, that recommendation was based on the little faith that I had left in the U.S. government.

Now we are being told that www.healthcare.gov will not be fixed until later in November.  Even then, the site will only be operational for “most people.”  (To me, that is government talk for “some Americans may still have problems.”)

The result is that although Americans were supposed to have 10 weeks in which to enroll in a government website to have acceptable health insurance by January 1, 2014, I am recommending that people wait until after December 1, 2014 to use www.healthcare.gov.  Just remember, that in order to enroll in an approved health insurance plan by January 1, 2014, you must still complete your enrollment by December 15, 2013.

I am also encouraging those Americans, who already have acceptable health insurance and live in states that allow you to wait until your current plan renews in 2014, to wait to make any changes.

Fortunately, Americans who get subsidized health insurance at work or have government sponsored plans of health insurance, like Medicare or Medicaid, do not have to do anything for Obamacare.

Those Americans who are self-employed but earn too much money to qualify for federal subsidies to help with their health insurance premiums in 2014, can buy acceptable health insurance without having to fuss with the federal website.

Also, Americans who are eligible to be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s group health insurance, but are not subsidized by the employer, can also buy an approved health insurance plan outside of the federal “Marketplace.”

Unfortunately, the federal web site is the only option for people who are currently uninsured or want to claim federal help with their health insurance premiums in 2014.

Split 5

2)  Her boss, Barack Obama, found a way to delay the SHOP exchanges for a year when they were not ready.  He could have done the same thing with HealthCare.gov but elected rather to subject Americans to a worthless site and remain unflexible on his Individual Mandate for political reasons.