You May Not Be Under As Much Pressure As You Thought To Enroll In Obamacare

Click the graphic to read the entire HHS memo.
Click the graphic to read the entire HHS memo.

The Obama Administration, has gotten a lot of negative comments in the last month about their “Marketplace” computer system.  It is obvious that there are major problems with the system from CMS.

A couple of days ago I sent out an email alert advising people to not make any decisions about their 2014 health insurance this week.  The head of CMS was to appear before Congress on Tuesday and the Secretary of HHS was supposed to appear on Wednesday.  I honestly thought that we would get more information.

Sadly, I was wrong.  What I thought would be a chance to get information from the people in D.C. who actually are in charge of implementing the federal “Marketplace” turned out to be just more of the same partisan politics that we have seen in D.C. for the last 5 years.  I heard very little new information.

Democratic supporters of Obama feigned outrage at Republicans who refuse to embrace a law that was forced on them against their wishes.
Republican detractors continued with their, “I told you so…” self-righteousness.

Unfortunately, as of now, the President is unwilling to make a general postponement of the Individual Mandate, that would require a full act of both Houses of Congress.  Legislation towards that goal has been proposed in the Republican House of Representatives.  However, I am not convinced that the Democratically controlled Senate will accept any bill from the Republicans in the House that would jeopardize the most sweeping legislation since Prohibition.

On Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services, who created the failed, offered a compromise.  You can read the part of their memo that may affect you by clicking the graphic above.

The statement above is not a comprehensive delay of the Obamacare penalty.  It only grants an automatic exemption in some circumstances.

It grants Americans an automatic exemption from the “Shared Responsibility Payment”  if they purchase their health insurance through the “fixed” during the National Open Enrollment.

That means that Americans who are going to use the CMS “Marketplace” have until the end of March to obtain acceptable health insurance.

There is still a chance that the National Open Enrollment may be extended by a few weeks, but nothing has been determined to that effect by the politicians in D.C. at this time.

Unfortunately, Americans who will not qualify for federal tax-credits still must purchase their approved plan before January 1, if they elect to purchase a plan outside of the “Marketplace.”

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