Stupid Comments About Obamacare

Confused 1Granted, both political parties have said some stupid things about Obamacare?  I know that, “Stupid” is not a nice word.  Unfortunately, I cannot think of a nicer way to say what I am thinking.

During the Health Care Reform debates, members of the Tea Party tried to convince America that the PPACA created “Death Panels.”  That was stupid.  No place in the PPACA is euthanasia (mercy killing) condoned.

In early 2010, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) said, “We have to pass it (the PPACA) to see what’s in it.”  Those were scary and stupid words from one of the most powerful people in our nation.  Boy, am I glad that someone who uses that type of logic is not in control of nuclear missiles.

Fortunately, when the elections of 2010 and 2012 were over, Nancy Pelosi was no longer in a position where she could do anymore damage to the nation.  In my opinion, she did plenty of damage to the nation during her two years of power.  America does not deserve her any more than it is necessary.

Last week a former Director of Sales and Marketing for Covered California, said, “We as consumers may not know just how lacking our current policies are because it seemed like a good value and we didn’t use it much,” in defense of the massive changes to health insurance in California.

I know there are good, intelligent people in CA.  Unfortunately, they keep putting idiots in positions of leadership.

I am a product of the Indiana public school system.  When I was a kid, I was taught to read.  As I got older, I was taught to reason.  By the time I was a young adult in college, I was taught how to take what I read and reason out how it applied to me.

If the statements made by California politicians represents all Californians, I am forced to make the conclusion that rather than spend money for health insurance for people in California, the federal government should send more money to boost the quality of their elementary schools.  People in California need to be taught how to read!

Both health insurance policies and legislative bills are written documents.  They are written so that political leaders are able to know what they are about to commit to.

Either Nancy Pelosi and the Directors of Cover California are illiterate and need to be taught how to read, or they are just too lazy to read and apply reason, before they commit to an idea.

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