Why Is Obamacare Failing?

EagleBefore the new health insurance exchanges started on October 1, the White House said that if as many as 7 million Americans enrolled in health insurance through the new exchanges, Obamacare would have been a success.

(Does anyone remember that the same White House administration demanded that the PPACA be passed in 2010 because there were over 45 million Americans without adequate health insurance?  I wonder why they set their goal for enrollment so low?)

Unfortunately, the National Open Election is half-way over.  My love of football has taught me that the score at half-time does not necessarily indicate who will eventually win a game, but it does give an indication of whether or not a team’s game-plan is going to be successful or if it will need to be adjusted.

At the National Open Enrollment’s “half-time” it appears that the Obama game-plan is not going to work and some major adjustments will need to be made.

After 3 months, only 2 million Americans have enrolled in health insurance plans through the government sponsored exchanges.  In order to be on pace to meet their goal of 7 million enrolments, the Obama exchanges should have had 3.5 million enrolments to date.

What this tells me is that in order for Obama to be able to claim success in April, he must motivate an additional 1.5 Americans to enroll through the exchanges in the last 3 months than he was planning.

There is another problem that will determine if Obamacare’s initial enrollment is successful.  That is the appeal that the new system has with young adults.

The Obama administration claimed that they would need 40% of those who enrolled through the government exchanges to be under the age of 35.   The numbers I saw today indicate that less than 30% of Americans who have enrolled in health insurance through the exchanges are age 34 or younger.

It appears that the issue that Barack Obama chose for his presidential legacy is heading towards the being lumped together with other failed American movements, like Prohibition.

Unfortunately, what started out to be a good idea; health insurance for the uninsured; has grown too far, too fast.  Like the kid in the super-market who tries to carry “just one more” apple and drops everything, the Obama administration has tried to get more changes done to the health insurance system than the American people like.

To me, the answer is clear.  If health care is a right for every American, the government should nationalize the hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies.  That would allow all Americans to be treated the same for health care.

The problem with doing that, however, is it would cost every employee of every insurance company their job.  It would also take the profit motive out of the equation.

It used to be that people pursued medicine because they really want to help people.  That is no longer the case.  Profit is what motivates the brightest minds to seek a career in medicine.

If we remove the profit incentive from doctors, the best and brightest minds will look at other, more lucrative jobs.  Why would they want to settle for a government salary when they can earn much more in the private sector.  Apparently, the only government employees who are able to benefit from government employment are federal politicians.

Unfortunately, the politicians attempted to solve the problem of the uninsured in America while working with the very insurance companies who caused the problem in the first place.

I understand that the solution I offer would cause a crisis in national unemployment but it would solve the declared “crisis” of health care inequity that candidate Obama created.

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