An Alternative For Those Texans Who Plan To Boycott Obamacare

Click the brochure to read about plans that are available in TX.
Click the brochure to read about plans that are available in TX.

I have heard stories about people who plan to boycott Obama by going without an Obamacare approved health insurance policy and just paying the penalty.

In my opinion, such a plan is ludicrous, but for other reasons than the obvious.

I am not a supporter of Obamacare.  While I concede that the PPACA does have many desirable changes, I believe the idea of mandating that all Americans must spend their disposable cash to buy an insurance product is a violation of our rights as Americans.

If someone elects to remain uninsured, they should be allowed to remain responsible for their own health care bills.

However, I understand that as long as hospitals are required to treat any American, regardless of their ability to pay, insurance is a necessary evil.

At the risk of sounding like a heartless savage, if the individual mandate is to be removed, I also believe that the mandate, that requires all public hospitals to treat people who come to them with routine health concerns but have no health insurance, should also be repealed.

(I am aware that proposal will leave a nasty taste in the mouths of many who object to Obamacare.  Unfortunately, it is the only way that I can see to allow people to maintain their freedom of choice about health insurance.)

However, being a realist, I understand that the Individual Mandate and “Shared Responsibility Payment” are happening.  I also understand that millions of Americans intend to show their displeasure by remaining uninsured.

Once again I am forced to be a realist.  For an individual to remain uninsured, solely for political reasons, is ludicrous.  They still have the same chance of suffering an accident or illness in 2014 as they did in 2013.  If they do, their medical bills still must be paid.

Here is a possible solution.  A Short Term plan is still medically underwritten, although it does the number of health history questions are significantly fewer than they use to be.

Also, Short Term plans are not approved by Obamacare.  If you elect to use them, you may still be subject to the “Shared Responsibility Payment,” a.k.a., the “penalty” for not having an Obamacare approved health insurance plan.

Those are the biggest negatives about Short Term plans but there are also a couple of positive things to consider.

  1. Short Term plans are easy to get.   The entire application process typically takes less than 15 minutes.  (Click here to see the application for the plan below.)  
  2. Since they are not eligible for federal “subsidies,”  you do NOT have to go anywhere near those irksome, government sponsored exchanges.
  3. Best of all, they are typically very inexpensive.  Click the banner below to find out how much a plan would cost for you.

A Short Term plan will allow you to make your political statement without exposing you to potentially high medical bills.  (Just remember that while you may be able to protect yourself from medical bill collectors, a Short Term policy will not offer you protection from the IRS.)

With a Short Term health insurance policy, you may still be liable to pay the IRS that “Shared Responsibility Payment” but you will not have to worry about paying the hospital if you get sick or injured during 2014.

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