What If Your Insurance Agent Is Not Communicating With You?

Cell PhoneEvery year I speak to people who claim that the last time they heard from their insurance agent was when they bought their policy.  I believe that the insurance agent’s job does not end with the purchase but begins.

I can almost understand that way of thinking.  I started in the insurance business in 1987 B.C.  (Before Computers).  At that time it was hard to stay in contact with clients.  Newsletters had to be composed, printed and mailed.  That was a terribly expensive undertaking for insurance agents with large client bases; both in time and money.

Some enterprising agents would call their clients on the telephone.  However, often those calls were seen as “sales” calls and not an attempt to keep the lines of communication open.

However, 2014 A.C.E. (After Computer Effect) it is not terribly difficult for an insurance agent to communicate with his clients.  Email and social media have eliminated the cost and clients are able to ask questions over the internet.

As an insurance agent, I believe that communication is important.  Whenever I am privileged enough to get a new client, their email address is automatically added to my weekly email, The Update.

Every week I share, what I feel are the most important developments in insurance.  With every issue they are given the chance to “unsubscribe.”

Often it is hard to sort through all the topics that I, as an insurance professional, find interesting and what I think my clients, as non-insurance professionals, can actually use.

However, recently, with all the confusion about Obamacare, it has not been that hard.  I expect confusion over Obamacare to last, at least, until the middle of January, 2015.  Perhaps longer.

In The Update I attempt to explain confusing and technical issues in such a way that my clients can understand how they affect them.

The Update, however is not the only way that I communicate.  I use several different communication platforms.

The Insurance Barn.com, allows me to express my opinions and educate the public about how they can use insurance products to solve problems.  I invite you to review the articles I have written over the past few years to see if you can be inspired on how you use insurance to solve a problem you have.

You will find a list of past posts on the lower right side of this blog.  If you like this blog, I invite you to join over 1000 others and follow me.  You will get an email every time I publish something new.  Hopefully, you will be able to tell from the headline if it is something you need to spend your time reading.

I understand that not everyone is going to like what I say here.  I use other platforms to communicate insurance information.

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One thing that I learned in communications class in college is that it takes two willing parties to effect good communication.  Yes, I, as an insurance professional, am responsible to communicate facts about insurance in such a way that they can be understood.

However, you have a responsibility in communication as well.  You have to be in a position to hear what is being said.  That means that in order for me to keep lines of communication open, you have to “Like,” Connect or Subscribe to one of the platforms that I use.

In my experience, Twitter is not the best communication platform for me.  It is too chaotic for me.  I have found that most people are expressing their opinions on Twitter but, very few people are actually listening.  I prefer to use other social media platforms that are more user-friendly and people, who are interested but confused, are able to send me feedback or ask questions.

I tend to share a great deal of material through my Facebook page.  I use Linked In less frequently.

However, if all you are looking for is periodic information, The Update is only sent out one, or two, times a week, unless there is some “breaking news” story about insurance.  That happened a few times last year with announcements from the White House about Obamacare.

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