What Has Happened To American Government?

Obama CancelLast week, the Obama Administration released the numbers that indicate the progress, and level of success, that the government sponsored exchanges are having.

I understand that no amount of complaining, on my part, is going to change things.  I am not convinced that the politicians in D.C. even care about what I think, except during an election year.  This rant does nothing more than allow me to release stored up pressure.

As a health insurance agent, I try to keep my client’s informed about Obamacare.  Many of them are confused.  They do not understand why their government is requiring them to pay even more for their health insurance.

Frankly, I cannot give them an answer that makes sense simply because I do not understand why the U.S. government is allowed to tell American citizens what is, and isn’t, affordable.  I am still baffled that congress and the president feel like they are able to say what is affordable when they continue to have to raise the debt ceiling so they can borrow money in order to pay the interest on what the government borrowed in the past.

I have tried to reconcile myself to the fact that the American government has experienced a major change in my lifetime.

It wasn’t too long ago, when the job of the president was to enforce the laws made by congress.  Apparently, that has changed.  The job of congress appears to be to pass suggestions so that the president can choose which ones to enforce and which ones to delay.

Earlier this week, the Department of the Treasury, which is part of the Executive Branch of government, announced that it would not enforce the Employer Mandate until 2016 for businesses with 50-99 full-time employees.

I understand that is beneficial for those employers.  It gives them an extra 2 years to prepare for the inevitable.  However, I am forced to wonder how consistent that decision is with the PPACA.

The Affordable Care Act, that was debated and passed by congress, specifically states that all business, who have more than 50 full-time employees, must institute a group health insurance plan by January 1, 2014 or pay a $2000, per employee, fine if even one of those employees gets health insurance through a government sponsored exchange.

In my younger days, when the U.S. was still governed by the constitution that was written by the leaders of our nation right after the Revolutionary War, a president was not allowed to alter the will of congress without going back to congress to get permission.

The president was required to go ahead and enforce a law, regardless of the political consequences.  Apparently, that has changed.

The current president has the ability to choose which parts of congressional “laws” to enforce and which ones he is allowed to ignore or delay.

At this point in time, I honestly do not know who to blame for this obvious change in government.  Should I be upset with Barack Obama, the voters who chose to give him another 4 years in office or the cowards in congress who continue to back down.