Are The Uninsured Taking Advantage Of Obamacare?

Is Obamacare Helping The Uninsured

These numbers are unofficial.  Final numbers will not be available until several weeks after the National Open Enrollment period is over.  Right now, that period is scheduled to close on March 31, but there have been so many extensions and exemptions granted by the White House that I am reluctant to say anything about Obamacare with certainty.

For now, at least, it does not appear that the people who the law was supposedly going to help the most, are swarming to take advantage of what so many people, who had health insurance already, fought to get them.

(Mr. Obama has made so many changes to the law, that congress passed, in the last 4 years that nothing is certain.  At times it has seemed like the health insurance laws of our nation change from day to day, depending on which special interest group Mr. Obama or Ms. Sebelius wants to placate.)