Are Americans Who Are Not Happy With Obamacare All Liars?

While there is no denying that some Americans have been helped by the new Obamacare laws, it is foolish to say that the ones who are complaining are all liars.

In the last 5 months I have seen both the help and harm of Obamacare.  It is true that after people get their “subsidies” to help pay their premium, their net premium can be significantly lower.

It is also true that many middle-class, American entrepreneurs do not qualify for the tax-credit advances and must pay the full premium out of their pocket.  They are being harmed and not amount of name-calling or denials of this fact by the Senate Majority Leader can change that fact.

I have worked with too many clients, who do not even know who the Koch brothers are, to think that all Americans, who are not happy with Obamacare, are liars.

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