Young Adults In Houston Do Not Have The Same Obamacare Options

HoustonI was taken aback when I read, “Young Adults Can Face 41% Narrower Range For Obamacare Subsidies.”

I live in the Houston area.  While I have not been called a young adult in several years, I understand that many of them are still trying to adjust from having their parents pay their bills to paying for everything themselves.

Not only do most of them have to buy their own video games and pay for their own cell phone charges, they also now have to pay for their own food, clothing, shelter, transportation and utilities.

Many of them have elected to also have a social life.  They now have to pay for their own movie tickets, restaurants and dates.

If they have met that “special someone” they also must pay for the added expenses that come with being married.  Especially, if there is a toddler in the mix.

Now, the politicians in D.C. have added another bill to their budget.  Granted, health insurance is a wise investment, but the politicians are demanding that everyone, including young adults, must pay for health insurance before they pay any other bills.

I am a parent of a college graduate.  While he was in college, he was forced to borrow in excess of $40,000.  Fortunately, he was able to find a good-paying job after he graduated and will be able to pay off his student loans.

Unfortunately, the majority of college grads are not as fortunate.  The job market, for college grads, is not what it used to be.  Many young adults are graduating from college with no promising job waiting for them and thousands of dollars in student loans that must be repaid.

I especially feel for these young adults who have significant student loan debt, no promising job and the government telling them that they must pay for health insurance so that insurance companies will have the money to pay for the medical bills that people in my generation run up.

To me it does not seem fair.

However, the politicians do not care about what I think is fair.  They are going to do whatever they think is necessary to get the majority of votes during an election.

Mr. Obama claims that young adults are not going to get hurt, financially, by buying health insurance.  According to our president, most of them are going to qualify for “subsidies” from the federal government to help them pay their premiums.

Read the article, that is linked to, above to see how that is not true for young adults in Houston and 7 other cities.

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