Aren’t White House Celebrations Premature?


In a Rose Garden press briefing at the White House, Mr. Obama justified “Obamacare” because over 7 million people enrolled in health insurance through the federal website.

In his mind, in a nation with over 300 million souls, the enrollment of 7 million citizens, through his federal website, justifies the divisions and interference caused by his White House over the past 5 years.

Perhaps he needs to be reminded of the old proverb in the graphic above.

Of those 7 million-plus enrolments, the insurance industry has said that over 85% had health insurance previously and had only changed to a more expensive plan in order to be compliant with the new law.

The insurance industry has also said, that preliminary numbers, indicate that 80% of enrollees never pay their portion of their premium and remain uninsured.

Yesterday, I read an article, summarizing a UC-Berkley study, indicating that approximately 40% of those who enrolled in health insurance through the California exchange are not expected to stay in the exchange through the end of 2014.

A couple of days ago the LA Times reported that between Medicaid and private health insurance through government sponsored exchanges, 9.5 million previously uninsured Americans now have health insurance.

I find that terrific news, but there are a couple of problems.

  1. At the start of the year there were over 48 million uninsured Americans.  The 9.5 million newly insured Americans do not even represent a quarter of that figure.
  2. While the White House is celebrating hitting the CBO goal of 7 million enrolments through government exchanges, they have said nothing about missing another CBO goal.  Before all of this “Obamacare” started, CBO had predicted that there would be a total of 13 million newly insured Americans; between Medicaid and government exchanges.  The final, (unofficial) tally shows that goal was missed by 3.5 million enrolments.

Earlier this week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicted that by the year 2024 there will still be over 31 million uninsured Americans.

If the old proverb is correct, in my opinion, the celebrations in the White House are a bit premature.