Facebook’s Barton Video Is Dated

Barton“I’m glad I don’t have to sign up for the Affordable Health Care [Act] or ObamaCare.”

There has been an out-dated video making the rounds on Facebook recently.  It show Texas Representative, Joe Barton, grand-standing during hearings about the failed Obamacare website.

Although the points he makes in the video are valid, they no longer apply.

I watched these hearings last November.  At that time, his concerns made sense, regardless of how much Democratic representatives claimed he was just trying to score political points.

Political points may have been his motivation.  It is no secret that Republicans are still bitter over the way the Democrats forced the PPACA into law, over their objections.

However, since these hearings things have changed.

Heaven knows that there is plenty in Obamacare to object to, but the issues that Mr. Barton highlight, in this video, have already been dealt with.  If you get this video in your Facebook newsfeed, the sender is either trying to stir up anger for political reasons, or is ignorant of what has happened.

Since these hearings, on October 24 of last year, a couple of things have happened.


The woman that Mr. Barton scolds, Cheryl Campbell, no longer is in a position of power.   The company that she represents, CGI, a Canadian based companyZients 300 was replaced.

Last October, the day after these hearing, Mr. Obama place Jeff Zients, his Director of the National Economic Council, in charge of making corrections to the failed website that the Department of Health and Human Services offered to America.

His job was to see to it that problems associated with http://www.healthcare.gov were corrected.  That includes privacy issues.

Unfortunately, the White House’s definition of, “corrected” meant that 80% of Americans who tried to use Healthcare.gov would be successful.  That meant that they were fine if 20% of Americans still had problems.

(I know that this video deals with privacy issues and not computer technology. Maybe it is my inner Republican, but I would feel remiss if I did not mention that even after the website was “fixed” it crashed again on March 31, the last official day of enrollment.)

In January of this year, Mr. Obama announced that another foreign company, Accenture, would officially replace CGI for work on the 2015 website.

(Apparently, Mr. Obama does not have faith that an American company can properly do the job.  The man who claims that he is building jobs for Americans continues to give large contracts to foreign companies)


During the October 24 congressional hearings, all of the witnesses claimed that they were only doing what they were directed to by CMS, (Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services) a division of the Department of Health and Human Services.

They claimed that the “HIPPA” violations that were in their code, were instructed to be there by CMS/HHS.

At that time, the head of CMS/HHS was Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.  As a result of this, and subsequent congressional hearings, there was a call, primarily from the House of Representatives, for Mr. Obama to fire her.

Mr. Obama elected not to fire her during the National Open Enrollment.  He chose to allow her to remain in place while the website was fixed.  However, the next best thing happened.

After the National Open Enrollment ended, Kathleen Sebelius tendered her resignation.  Her input, and judgement, is no longer a consideration as the website for the 2015 enrollment is being built.


As I mentioned before, there is still much about Obamacare to anger middle-class Americans, however, the issue that is making the rounds on Facebook is no longer one of them.

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