2015 Marketing Change

Glow BottleIn 2013 most of my marketing budget was devoted to direct mail.  I mailed information, by USPS, to new business owners in my county.

In 2014, I narrowed my marketing efforts.  I focused my marketing budget towards advertisements on Facebook. My goal was to build my Facebook Page with Baby Boomers my age.

In 2015, my intention is to continue to advertise on Facebook but with a different strategy and aim.

My marketing effort will be designed, to help self-employed individuals with families.  Often, they have invested most of their savings into their business and have little, if anything, to fall back on in the event of an unexpected health issues.

My emphasis, has historically been, and remains, educating my clients on health insurance matters.   The politicians, and pundits, are trying to fill American minds with propaganda.  I want to be a source, that people can use, for facts about health insurance.

Although I plan to continue to advertise on Facebook, my intention is to diversify my marketing outreach during this year.

  1. One week, each month, I will advertise on Facebook.
  2. I will continue to post on my Facebook page both silly & clever material and insurance related updates.
  3. One week, each month, I will advertise on Linked In.
  4. My plan is to visit all of my current clients, or as many as possible, for a face-to-face meeting once a quarter and give them, and their business colleagues, some sort of customized “trinket”, like the water bottles in the graphic above.
  5. I also plan to continue my weekly Update to keep those, who are interested, stay up to date with news about health insurance.  So much is going to potentially happen with “Obamacare” during 2015 that I am afraid that my clients will have a sub-par knowledge of what they should do for 2016.

Over the years, I have learned that even though I consider myself to be a superior insurance agent, if people do not know that I exist, I will not have enough clients to pay my bills.  My hope, is that, by the time the next Annual Enrollment Period arrives on November 1, I will be able to renew, and add, enough clients to allow me to earn enough in 2016 to pay my bills.