New Beginnings

New Beginnings brochure.
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A stroke, heart attack or cancer diagnosis can make a significant dent in your savings for the future.

“Obamacare” compliant plans only pay for medical bills.  They will not pay your non-medical obligations like your house payment, your car payment, groceries, etc.

On top of those expenses, a stroke, heart attack or cancer can leave you with additional bills while you recover.  If the medical treatment you get leaves you too tired to go to work, you may need to hire a part-time personal assistant, or nurse, for a few months.  He/she can care for you while your spouse is at work.

If you suffer a stroke, heart attack or cancer, not only would you need to continue to pay your non-medical bills, in most cases, you would probably not get a paycheck while you recover.

The New Beginnings plan is a very inexpensive supplement that allows people who are concerned about a future cancer, heart attack or stroke to get the money that they need.

New Beginnings allows you to buy a little extra insurance protection so you can pay the bills that “Obamacare” plans do not; plus the additional expenses that would allow you to fully recover before you go back to work.

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