New Day For American Health Insurance

flood-33A new day for health insurance is about to dawn in America.  Now that there will be a different president, who is more sympathetic to the middle-classes, there appears to be a movement in congress to make significant changes to the laws and rules that our nation uses to pay for healthcare.

No one doubts that changes are going to be made, again, to our system.  The variables that remain in doubt are when the changes will be made, what changes will happen and who will pay for them.

Some of the changes can be made immediately through either Executive Order by the new president or a parliamentary procedure in congress that allows items dealing with the federal budget to be decided by a simple majority vote in the Senate rather than the normally required Super majority of 60 votes in the senate.

That means that the Republican controlled senate does not need the cooperation of any Democratic senators in order to dismantle the financial elements of Obamacare.  However, they will need agreement from all Republican senators plus a handful of Democratic senators to form a bill that fills the hole left by the demise of Obamacare.  Right now, there is agreement among senate Republicans that Obamacare must go, but there is not agreement about what it should be replaced with.

In my opinion, as long as the Obamacare mandate & associated tax penalty, is removed in January so that people are free to adjust their 2017 to something that is medically underwritten and affordable, the politicians can have their political theater drag out for the year.

Texans who have gotten medical treatment for an issue, that is liable to return, in the last 24 months, or those who need help paying for health insurance premiums can stay with their Obamacare plans for 2017.  However, those who can qualify for a Short Term PPO may want to consider that lower cost option when/if the mandate and “Shared Responsibility Payment” (aka Penalty Tax).

Use the contact form below to let me know that you are looking for options for health insurance.  I will then send you an email that will tell you the details that I need to know in order to send a plan illustration and application link.