Health Insurance Possibilites vs Probabilitiees

cube-689619_640When Moses spoke to a rock and water came out of it, that was a miracle.  When Jesus transformed water into wine at a wedding, that was also a miracle.

While miracles teach us lessons about faith, they also teach us lessons about the world around us.

One of the attributes that define miracles are that they are events that defy our understanding of the world we live in.  While the majority of society are satisfied that something is impossible, miracle workers arrange circumstances, or technology, so that the impossible becomes possible.

Heaven knows that Paul Ryan is no Moses and Donald Trump is no Jesus.  They are not miracle workers and should not be expected to be.  It took Obama a full 8 years to screw up the health insurance system in the United States as badly as it is. Baring a miracle, it is not going to be unscrewed in a single month.

The fact is that the only thing that can reasonably be expected during 2017 is a removal of the Individual Mandate and Tax Penalty either through an official repeal of that portion of Obamacare or through Executive action.

Trump has already taken the steps to take the bite out of the Individual Mandate and Tax Penalty but it is up to congress to officially repeal Obamacare and take that law “off the books” in America.  The Republicans have enough votes in the House of Representatives for a full repeal of Obamacare, but they only have enough votes in the Senate for a partial repeal.  They have to convince 9 Democratic senators to join them for a full repeal, assuming that all 52 Republican senators vote for repeal (and there are now rumblings in the senate that a handful of Republicans are considering only a partial repeal and “repair” of Obamacare.)

As I told another client this morning, after the politicians in D.C. finish doing whatever it is that they are going to do, things are still not going to change.  There will be a transition period.

During that time, each state must be given time to adjust their regulations in light of the new federal laws.

Only after the states politicians are finished, can health insurance companies develop new plans to make available in the states.

Those plans will still not be available to the public.  Before those plans are made available, there will be an educational campaign by both government and private insurance companies to let people know their options.

It would take a miracle for everything to be done by the end of 2017.

I was a Bible major in college.  I believe that miracles are possible, but do not happen every day.  In my opinion, although new health insurance policies could be available later this year, I do not expect them until sometime in 2018.

Until then, in my opinion, the least expensive option for health insurance, if one qualifies, is going to be a Short Term Medical (STM) plan.

It would take a miracle for something to be available in 2017.

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