A Health Insurance Agent’s Thoughts On Obamacare

Demanding Buzzards (1 of 1)This morning I was “called on the carpet” by a client who took offense to my agency newsletter.  I was reminded that “not all of your clients are Republicans.”

(Ironically, the tongue lashing I got was from someone who refused to turn the TV news off when I was in their house.  Ironically, this individual called me for help because she was not happy with the options that were given to her by Obamacare.  The way I see it, her comments reinforce the statement President Lincoln made in the 18th century, “…you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”)

I know that the goal of her “tongue-lashing” was motivated by political hate and intolerance of anyone who does not think the same way she does but I can appreciate what she said anyway.

 I do not claim to be a Republican. I am a conservative health insurance agent.  For the last 7 years I have had to try to explain to individuals why they are not able to use the doctors/hospitals they prefer, why they are required to pay more for health insurance every year that has fewer benefits than what they had before.

My practical side tells me that things are the way they are because 277 politicians in D.C. wanted this mess 7 years ago.  They may be able to form a law that forces me to spend my money the way they want, but they do not have the power to make me feel happy about it.

As a health insurance agent, I know that there is so much more to health insurance than just paying medical bills to doctors or hospitals.  When one is sick, especially with something long-term, there are other financial responsibilities to consider.  Doctor/hospital bills are just one.

The problem, as I see it, is that Americans are mandated to spend the money they used to be free to use on Disability, Long Term Care or Critical Illness insurance to pay for government mandated health insurance.

If an individual remains in compliance with Obamacare, often they do not have enough money left over, in their insurance budget, to pay the premiums for insurance to pay for the medical bills that are not covered by Obamacare.

(Last week, a long time client, when faced with a $6000 monthly bill to care for his mother asked a good question.  “What do people do for the elderly who do not qualify for Medicaid?”

The answer, from an ideal point of view, is simple.  Long Term Care insurance provides the money needed for care during the senior years.  It is the form of health insurance that was originally included in Obamacare but was removed by the Obama administration.

Practically speaking, however, Long Term Care insurance is now considered a luxury.  People in their 60s often have to pay over $1300 a month for government mandated health insurance.  Often people feel that they cannot afford the insurance they need.)

I think that the government should spend our tax money wisely and leave moralizing to the churches, synagogues and mosques.   I can appreciate that others think that the government has the right to interfer with issues of morality but I do not share that opinion.

The point of my agency newsletter is not to offend anyone.  To be honest, I have no desire to change anyone’s thoughts. It is a sign of ignorance to think that after 8 years of lies, misinformation and political propaganda about health insurance, anything I say is going to change anyone’s mind about Obamacare.

My goal is to keep people informed of what is actually happening to health insurance in D.C., based on the information that is available to me.  I am just tired of politicians and media scaring people needlessly.
The information that I share is not “regurgitated” political propaganda.  It is based on information that is unique to the insurance industry and personal research of primary sources.  I do not rely on a TV producer or any politician to tell me what to think or say.I am aware that people are not always going to agree with my editorial “spin” but, to be honest, as a citizen I am tired of politicians using the industry I have devoted 30 years to in order to scare the nation so they can get political control over people.  I will admit that I sometimes express feelings that are not popular with everyone.

Perhaps I would feel a little differently if in the last 8 years I had heard about any of the “bleeding heart” millionaires who do not want Obamacare changed, using any of their money to pay the medical bills not covered by Obamacare.  That would have convinced me that universal health insurance was a moral imperative but their insistence on requiring citizens to pay for health insurance or an additional tax penalty has, in my eyes, changed the argument from the moral right of people to have health insurance to a political argument over fiscal responsibility.

Like it or not, the Republican congress and president are going to make changes to Obamacare sometime this year.  However, the only thing that is certain is that they are NOT going to be all the changes in the House of Representatives American Health Care Act (AHCA).

If you are content to get your information about what is happening to health insurance from TV and politicians who have no experience with insurance, you do not need to do anything.

However, if you want to stay informed about what is happening to health insurance, from a health insurance agent with 30 years of experience, feel free to subscribe to my agency email.

Just know that like the politicians and press, I am not above expressing my opinion.

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