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Shopping For Health Insurance

Use the contact form below to request a quote.  I will need your Texas zip code, dates of birth and sex for each person to be insured.

After you tell me your demographic information, tell me what type of health insurance you are interested in. I do not want to wast your time sending you information about something you neither need or want. My goal is to get you a response within 24 hours of your request. Ideally, it will be the same day but if I am away from the office, or your request is received after I close my office, it will be the following business day.

Be aware that you may get a reply from me asking for more information. If you do, that is a security protocol, and not a sales gimmick. I do not like personal information to travel over the internet. Sadly, it is sometimes necessary. If what you are looking for requires me to get more personal information from you, I will send you a more secure email address to use. Nothing is 100% guaranteed not to be “hackable” by cyber-criminals, but I prefer to use something with a little more security when personal information is involved.

As an insurance agent, for over 30 years, I know there is a high probability that you would want to know more about me. Click here to view my short bio.

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