Can We Admit That “Obamacare” Has Room For Improvement?

nerd-155841_1280Unfortunately, what is sound insurance policy for one set of Americans, can be the blueprint for bankruptcy for another.

“Obamacare” should be a lesson for all Americans, but Americans are so caught up in petty, partisan debates that they are not willing to see what is really happening.

I know that it is asking a great deal from people, but please take off your Republican, or Democrat, colored glasses and take a non-biased look at “Obamacare”.

Ask yourself, “Is this law fair for everyone?”


There is no question that “Obamacare” has been wonderful for some people.

  • Doctors and hospitals have benefited under the new law.  Much of their Accounts Receivable problems have been solved.  Instead of having to “hound” low-income patients to pay for their expensive medical treatments, they can just over-bill an insurance company.
  • Low wage earners, who do not have group health insurance, are not required to pay the full cost for their health care.  Under “Obamacare” low-income households qualify for “subsidies” to help pay their health insurance premiums.  If their income is low enough, the government will also help pay for the bills, from their doctor or hospital, that health insurance does not pay.
  • Politicians who count on being able to transfer wealth from the haves to the have-nots, in order to secure the votes of America’s low-income earners, so they can remain in a position of power

However, there are people who have been harmed by “Obamacare.”

  • Self-employed Americans, earning over 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, must pay the full premium, that is charged by health insurance companies.  They are not eligible for IRS subsidies.
  • Employees of small businesses, earning over 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, are equally penalized for earning a livable wage.  They are also ineligible for any IRS subsidy to help with their higher health insurance and must pay the full premium out of their income.
  • Dependents of employees with group health insurance are not eligible for IRS subsidies if they are eligible for coverage through the group.  (The determining factor is not if they accept the coverage, but if they are eligible.)
  • Employers, not the IRS, are required to pay, at least 50%, of the premium for health insurance for each full-time employee if they offer group health insurance.

Strengths and Weaknesses

There is no debate that some of the changes made by “Obamacare” have been positive.

  • Preventive Service exams with no deductibles or co-insurance
  • No Pre-existing Condition discrimination
  • No Cancellation of insurance just because an individual gets sick, unless the insurance was obtained fraudulently.

However, some of the new rules are just stupid.  They drive up the price of health insurance premiums for benefits that will never be used.

  • Males, and post-menopausal women must pay for maternity benefits
  • Tea-totallers must pay for insurance to help addicts get sober
  • Parents must pay for dental insurance for new-born babies and toddlers

The bottom-line is that something had to be done about the problem of the escalating cost of health-care in the nation.  However, analytical, non-partisan minds wonder if the plan that was forced on America for political reasons, was/is the right plan for the entire population.

It is obvious that as long as Mr. Obama is president, this will remain the law of the land.  However, Mr. Obama’s rule is about to end.  He only has a year, or so, before he becomes a “lame duck”.

Regardless of who is elected president in 2016, one thing is certain.  “Obamacare”, as we know it, will be changed. The new president will want to add his, or her, agenda to the rules through his, or her, new Secretary of Health and Human Services.  When choosing a president, in 2016, it will not be a question of “IF” the health insurance rules will change, but “WHAT” changes will be made.