Medicare Plans & Supplements

people-412419_1280All Medigap plans are written by CMS.  The coverage provided by the different plans are identical.  The difference is in the quality of the insurance company you use and the premium that you pay.

Medicare Advantage and Medicare D plans are different. The law requires all insurance companies, who offer that type of coverage, to provide, at least, the minimum benefits that are established by CMS.  However, they are free to offer benefits that are even greater.

I have decided to only offer, what in my opinion, is coverage from top tier insurance companies.


Medigap 2
Shop over the internet.

This company offers traditional Medicare Supplement, Medicare D and Medicare Advantage plans.

Advantage plans work differently from traditional Medicare Supplement insurance (Medigap) but if your goal is to limit your potential health care expenses with Medicare, it may be an option that you wish to pursue.

If you feel comfortable with your computer, you may shop, and apply for Medicare Supplement insurance on line by clicking on the graphic to your left.

Just remember, if you are looking for Medicare Advantage or Medicare D plans, they are only available during certain times.  If you are not absolutely certain that you qualify for those types of plans, call The Insurance Barn at 832-767-8059.

Click to read the brochure.
Click to read the brochure.

OMAHA INSURANCE COMPANY (a division of Mutual of Omaha)

This is the other insurance company that I work with.  It is a little more limited than BCBSTX but the premiums tend to be a little lower.

Mutual of Omaha does not offer either Medicare Advantage or Medicare D plans in Texas.  However, they are excellent providers of traditional Medicare Supplement insurance.

I use this company for people who do not feel comfortable doing business on their computer, or would like guidance from a licensed insurance professional.

Applying for this supplement requires more time on your part, but it is worth it.  Use the form below to begin the process.

I will not have to visit with you in person, unless that is what you want.  However, I will need to guide you through the application process

Learn more about Medigap and Medicare by reading the CMS booklets below.

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