Portfolio Strategy

In the past, people have complained that the plans they could afford had deductibles so high that they never saw any benefit from their health insurance.

The PORTFLIO strategy requires the insured to use 3 different insurance plans.

First, the individual would enroll in an Obamacare plan. That plan is used for routine health care visits. If all that is needed is Preventive Service visits (like annual check-ups) a Bronze level plan may be all that is needed. However, often people want something that provides more prescription drug coverage. In that case, one would use a Silver level plan. (Just be advised that many of these plans have high deductibles for treating illnesses/injuries.)

Second, many Fixed Indemnity plans have no deductibles. A Fixed Indemnity plan pays a stated amount of money for each night spent in a hospital or for surgery. That plan would pay most, if not all, of an individual’s medical bills in the event the services of a hospital are needed.

Third, bills do not stop just because someone gets sick or injured. While not required for people with adequate emergency savings, a Personal Disability Income plan helps pay bills while an individual is recovering from medical treatment for an injury or illness.

It is possible that a person may already have a Disability Income plan through his/her employer or adequate savings in an emergency savings account. However, if an individual has neither, a Personal Disability plan can be established. (Remember that prior to 1929 when politicians talked about “Health Insurance”, they were talking about, what we call “Disability Income” today.)

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