2017-newsletterThis strategy is ideal for the couple/family where one member of the family has a pre-existing condition but the rest of the family is in average health for their ages.  It also works well when one person qualifies for subsidized health insurance at work but the rest of the family is charged full price for health insurance.

The “Split-Insurance” strategy works like this, the individual with the pre-existing condition (or the one who gets subsidized health insurance at work) enrolls in an ACA compliant plan (or takes the group coverage at work.)

The rest of the family can enroll in a lower cost non-ACA plan.

Just keep in mind that in spite of what is said on the TV, you may, or may not be subject to the Individual Mandate penalty for those who use a non-compliant plan.  Before you use this strategy, check into any potential tax consequences that may arise as a result of using this strategy.

I am not qualified to answer tax questions, but if you live in Texas and have questions about health insurance, use the form below to contact The Insurance Barn.