Is Your Money Making Machine Insured?

Click the graphic to learn more about insuring your Money Making machine.
Click the graphic to learn more about insuring your Money Making machine.

I read, this past week, that although the jobless rate is decreasing, the number of teenagers who are willing to find a job is also decreasing.

Perhaps, I am not the best parent to comment on this trend.  Only one of my two sons was ambitious enough to find a job during his teenage years.  He learned early in life that mom & dad were not going to pay his bills.

Our youngest son did not have the same ambition that his brother had.  He spent his adolescence playing on his computer.  It was not until after his freshman year of college, when we only paid 75% of his educational costs and stopped sending him spending money, that he realized that if he wanted any extra money, he would have to find a job.

Fortunately, we did not have to tell him “NO” many times before he got a job.  I got him a dependable, used car and told him that if he wanted pocket-money, he would need to get a job.

I know that what I did, is considered bad parenting by some, but, in his case, it worked.  He only pouted for a few days before he found a job and he has not been out of work since.

After he graduated from college, he found an engineering job, doing what he studied in school.  Today he earns almost as much as I and my wife do, combined.

The lesson that both boys had to learn, was that neither I, nor my wife, are their personal Money Making machines.

Fortunately, both my wife and myself, were part of the segment of the population who were able to enjoy continued health while the boys were still at home.

Unfortunately, that does not always happen.  I was still a teenager when my father became sick and had to start drawing Disability Income insurance at work.

That may be a reason why I find Disability Insurance Awareness Month so important, even though I know that it is nothing more than a marketing scheme for most insurance companies.