HD Is The Main Reason I Became An Independent Insurance Agent

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There are several reasons why I left the corporate world of insurance and became an independent insurance agent.

I got tired of using my skills and experience to better the lifestyle of other people while I remained subject to their generosity.  (I think that is a motivation for all entrepreneurs.)

I also got tired of bosses telling me what I could, and could not sell.  I wanted to be in a position to sell what my clients wanted and not what would pay my boss the most.

The office politics that are inherent in any office when there is more than one person was also a motivator for me to become my own boss.

However, HD and Long Term Care insurance is probably the top reason I became an independent insurance agent.

I lost a grandmother, father, brother and sister to this disease.  I saw what toll is taken from the lives of loving spouses who become full-time caregivers.

I wanted to be in a position to help people avoid that when their loved one gets sick or older.

My grandfather cared for my grandmother until she was institutionalized.  I was still a teenager when dad started showing symptoms.  I had to watch my mother take care of him until he was able to qualify for Medicaid and be placed in a nursing home.

My brother-in-law cared for my oldest sister until she died in her bed.

My sister-in-law cared for my brother until he was so bad that he had to accept a Medicaid bed in a nursing home.

When they first got sick, Long Term Care Insurance was either not available or it was in its infancy and only helped pay a portion of nursing home expenses.

Since that time, most LTCI policies have added Home Care, Adult Day Care and Assisted Living benefits to their Nursing Home benefit.  They are much more generous than they used to be.

That means that fewer healthy people will have to suffer the same depression and other signs of stress that the spouses of my grandfather, father, brother and sister experienced.