Obama Is Not King, Yet

Click anywhere on the map for a larger view.
Click anywhere on the map for a larger view.

Just because Mr. Obama wants something, it does not necessarily happen.  Whether or not he likes it, he is not a king.  He still has to consider the wishes of others.

In November President Obama, bowing to political pressure, announced that people who received cancellation notices for their health plans, would be able to keep them throughout 2014.

Those cancellation letters were sent out in light of state laws that require insurance carriers to notify people, in writing, prior to cancelling policies.

In an ideal world, the White House would have warned Americans that cancellation notices would be coming for all policies that were effective, or changed after the PPACA became law on March 23, 2010.

Unfortunately, the White House elected to educate Americans on only what they perceived to be “good” parts of the new Obamacare laws.  In over 3 years they never spoke about the negative consequences.

The White House should have known for over 3 years that current policies would have to be cancelled to make room for the new Obamacare plans.  Any claims that they were caught off-guard with the cancellations are either lies or further proof that those in the White House are incompetent and have no respect for state laws.

The attached map shows that at least 19 state legislatures and insurance departments have rejected Obama’s call to allow people to keep their non-Obamacare approved health insurance policies throughout 2014, even if they were cancelled in accordance with state laws.

Obama can make Executive Orders all day, but here in the United States, even the President is not allowed to force states to do what he wants without a majority in congress.

I, for one, applaud the state legislators and insurance commissioners who have stood up to the “President Who Would Be King.”  It is about time that this president learned that the founding fathers of our nation instituted Checks & Balances just so an individual is not able to confuse the office of President of the United States with the throne of a King.